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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  July 11, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now.
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>>reporter: it is a warm and trend this is will we look for the inland temperatures we talked about get a little bit last week will be delivering a live look at the golden gate bridge since not all coladas seems like in the camera shot his coat check into the timber to not doing a bad job 60 to conquer already 57 the the more of the fifties and concede the east bay shoreline this is always we have the clear skies overnight hist to a head for san jose oakland low estimate is
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close start mild afternoon pretty much what to conspectus afternoon. >>reporter: item you concede that is the area that will be affected to everyone gets involved. >>robin winston: those of you who need to get into san francisco allies look at the toll plaza like at the limit so far none of the trouble spots for westbound 80 into san francisco let's check in on some other bridges if you need to get
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over to the richmond san rafael bridge a mile away in some of the cash loans. >>james: promising to work together they believe a change can happen. >>reporter: many of these faces
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were with him on thursday as he marched with thousands of people on to the 880 freeway blocking traffic for hours last week to black men were shot and killed by police within one day of each other with our protest across the country and prompted the killing of five police officers by a black man ceps he believes the most of honorable people in this society needs support in addition to the events happening across the
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country protesters threw red paint on the front doors of the oakland police department to bring attention to the scandal to assess just like the of the country needs changed and people must work together to accomplish get if saugh. >>reporter: for the san
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francisco as a fake, so spread the invitation to a hundred congregations that understand it spread across the from different question in the face is to do for presbyterian church's which hosted feddan as for the muslim friends >>reporter: after the closing
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prayer some people went on a quiet walk or run city hall that one man was for black lives matter on friday said this event was different. >>james: a less negative events prompted to meet sooner than that we will set the look of some of the other process from the country on the left the scene from columbia south carolina some line or to local
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building across the street guest and they immediately stooped in and started clearing people which is also home to a memorial to the five officers and one. you could see president obama is stepping in speaking in dallas at the interfaith
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memorial service we have video from yesterday when he addressed the he cut his visit to spain sure that has spoken daily during the trip about the attack. >>james: the white house says the mayor and by the president obama to this city and he will be there tomorrow we're learning
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to callers police also were among the injured ride in was struck when a bullet came through a locked glass door he was will the by the broken glass of off as regarding the entrance to receive treatment at the scene he still had bullet fragments in his stomach the glass fragments in his leg but that did not stop of from jumping back into chaos to protect officers.
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>>james: office to say they were camping and did not properly put out a small fire the flames broke down saturday forced over 2000 people to evacuate so far since the it is barred from the fire include homes this is they're now using flames to pull out the fire.
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>>reporter:, the 6257 from the the more 61 for san jose with mountain view of the '50s agency in the east bay shoreline 56 for downtown san francisco have lay as a freakish and -11 much
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chilly air will those folks san jose warmer to the lower 80s. >>reporter: his disquiet we have
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not found any hot spots off to a pretty good start here is a live look on the san mateo bridge no. did trouble spots didnt over into the peninsula waddle 1280 moving at the limit check in the ride on the golden gate bridge.
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>>james: they're dropping nationwide the average price for gas down services of the past three weeks the national average $2.23 a gallon to industry analysts said it comes and to lower oil prices the
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official said one track lane opened with a time in between each car with to about 18 minutes we now know the five women who will be qualified to the u.s. olympic gymnastics team discovered after an intense competition the five law had to wheel the summer for the olympics and will report from the as a piece of what the results and the fan reaction. >>reporter: dish we had a 14
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geladas only five were chosen and will fly out to real the summer they were not surprised by the selection and others led not fully agree but say their shore great that the fears five have what it takes to bring home gold the control district has
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scheduled for this week in san jose this comes after miskitos were discovered that caused like symptoms and can be fatal got treated it is not transmitted from person to person it is scheduled for this wednesday night at 11 its early present when the weather permitting
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over $82 of people applied to the freshman class from the 40,000 died in 2% are from california.
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>>james: between find it glory in the jungle book the pictures as have been what you might call a very successful year. >>reporter: the reports the mouse house resells of $5 billion globally practice of previous record holder john russell studios the movie premiered in hollywood over the weekend the producer and former coach of sony pictures was told by the hollywood reporter is going to be and less people are
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going to love this movie if they're going to demand more just over a year ago the reporter said it was seeking to turn the france as a to a cinematic reverse stuff. >>james: residence for the senior posts a message or website she has long shot with the dependence on pain medication she into the program fallen to barely.
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>>james: more than a thousand up protesters occupied bridge of their river in memphis blockages the four hours nearly two of the people have been arrested for the kelso has another piece what is scheduled for september 11th. >>reporter: if it's a step-by- step process warming of the here was a live look at the golden gate not whole lot of fog had moved in although they might have some place and temporarily
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if. >>robin winston: often drawn into the castle is on the left and is not bad no problems on 92
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between the nimitz and the bayshore freeway and the drive times in the great highway 4 west at the limit leaves and antioch no problem for 160 or more women to turn over to an accident ease the bomb come to commit a somerville on the shoulder not backing the try for the usual crowd of 580 west the drive time here between 205 and 680 shower is only through the out a lot--altamont phfft.
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>>james: a boy is dead after being hit by a truck in sonoma that have led an assassin or rolled sheet at about 6:00 last night a family was crossing the street in the crosswalk when the truck at the boiling he was in a stroll the another child the of the child escaped injury at the other family members also escaped injuring the driver stopped and did corporate. >>james: the mayor of hercules expressing his concern that the state would not come through last week of our the transfer to is said to have a task force put together the group would compile how much high-resolution cameras
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show it was a weekend of demonstrations and morals there really from the events of last rubble be terrific and bus attack against police and the two videos show on the debt of two african-american men and as a law-enforcement the president caught short his trip. >>reporter: as a nation come to terms with the that the to walk an american man shot and killed by police and the mass shooting of police officers and dallas
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speeches emphasized the need for collective solutions the out porn of grief this of demonstrations as a for racial justice protesters are seeking to improve of american society >>reporter: the mayor says it intends possibility.
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>>james: he served six years in the military he did a tour of afghanistan but he was accused of sexual harassment was cut insurance he lifted in april of last year and return to its home town of balance when they searched his home than from a journal of his combat tactics they say he had military like moves and expressed hatred toward white people there were
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to define a clear motive led him to the shootings here is a live
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look outside the bay bridge from san francisco where getting and update it should be warming up nicely and traffic we will have a quick of day.
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>>james: he now 10 and for the year the giants have the most wins in baseball the next game friday against the conference.
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>>james: vote of the serbs regard the interest of the school the others were killed in the shooting last week starting tomorrow you could expect to lead to delays on bart on the tracks of the airport cannot afford to close tremendous insights the project the scare the for to the and winston-- wednesday.
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>>reporter: hit.--beyond that the status to warmer the fog tracker not much happens for to the progress most areas was a
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pretty clear today as wanted to get into this evening already been 9:00 hey would receive all come right back across the peninsula even spilling into the livermore valley by midnight or some.
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>>reporter: in the slot 86 san ramon and presence in water and a creek here is the block is to get into '90s territory and the middle of the week look for the bay to the mid-70s of the coast not that difficult some of the surf low sixties as well. >>robin winston: checking in on the other bridges and the gold and still looks good to me to
4:49 am
get into and out of san francisco their quiet a so far as nice and line part the city of the problems on city streets the drive time clocking in and easily 15 minutes.
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>>james: this on the south fork of the american river ride in the community afternoon in our search in the 23 mi. river authorities found her submerged in the section of have iraq that she was taken from the river and was pronounced dead the did not say she was wearing a life jacket at the time she fell overboard. >>james:. >>james: we met with the silicon
4:51 am
valley group who says the robust of becoming a tool and crime- fighting. >>gabe slate: he's not surprised by what dallas pediatrician it controls the area a number to the owner of any fan suspicions it is always recording would cecil's collect and a lot of data it gives way to alert authorities and access secure guard a crime deterrent is 5 ft. tall and intimidating.
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>>james: in her post the city
4:53 am
councilwoman rita that displayed police behavior in the that is this for the mass shootings and dollars minute please fill that post labels all police and this armas and says it is an inflammatory this inedible of no-confidence asking for her resignation no word of the council will resign here is a live look outside as you take a
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look it, conditions much so that the fault lot really impacting the visibility.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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>>reporter: warmer still in this amending. >>robin winston: of overall is a clear ride come into san francisco this morning heading back to work the hot spots to worry about checking in on the east and the profits of 74 it is sure freeware moving at the limit the macarthur out of san leandro to downtown oakland no problems to the nimitz freeway. >>mark: at the fire on the control and up to diminish
5:02 am
firefighters say they were able to save the family dog. >>darya: police reports of about 7:00 last night the two men were missing and the everlasting and the like at chattel clef will have any of the details of this time happen now police are investigating a kidnapping for ransom and the woman who was kidnapped as still missing. >>will tran: tackle worker
5:03 am
drops of off at a supermarket in vallejo she has not been seen since lead on that day her son in san francisco added tax message from her phone san the she is missing at this point they said all four suspects know which other that convince all four suspects were behind the kidnapping for ransom.
5:04 am
>>mark: we're hearing from the past who led the rally on thursday to shut down a king he was the guest speaker of the convict is the church in oakland yesterday and he led the full test on colors and.
5:05 am
>>darya: that all spoke about how the country needs to come together to go to the violence last. >>james: this video of the
5:06 am
damage as a bloc several rows and ramps several leading traffic on and off of the bay bridge the police in riot gear prevent protesters from entering a major freeway on the top rider the screen door was to see income in south carolina the
5:07 am
attack happened shortly after president obama had arrived for a summit in poland.
5:08 am
>>mark: team was a 14 year veteran of the dallas police force he also used to work lost angeles county sheriff's department from 1991 and 2002.
5:09 am
>>darya: a family was crossing the street and they were in the crosswalk and 4 interception on the truck had born in its history of the city was tied in a stroller with another child.
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>>james: 20 a your man and a 26 your men were arrested they said there were camping and did not prompt the campfire carline more than two dozen people had to evacuate the bad news is the fire right now 0 percent contained.
5:15 am
>>reporter: also rose to a lesser effect overall will get some better coverage and 5 mendicancy is one to pretty much concentrated in the sea from the eastman shoreline over toward downtown for the warm-up to make progress ec in the normal spots the in response to eastern contra costa county also cover the south and in the peninsula.
5:16 am
>>robin winston: there recording a major delay leaving downtown oakland heading into all directions was to the quebec problem downtown oakland lead early and 92. the ride across the san mateo branch still just about half the limit of the caller but lost significant slowing checking in on the other bridges the bay bridge tried to sentence the skull.
5:17 am
checking and also more drive times some spots are nice and like the spots are crowded the usual call to the altar of the drive times for 580 west is, of from 2 05 to 680 that is not to six minutes. >>mark: he was forced to leave decisions on the show he became ill around 930 as he was performing with johnny depp and alice cooper the hollywood
5:18 am
vampires they're playing well for the amphitheater the 65 year-old perez called ida hospital they say he seemed out of storage during the show after the show he said and he was stable and with family if track on the fremont and prepare for the leas than they are going to be doing maintenance on the fremont line during this i would and fremont stations it will be close starting at 9:00 p.m. this friday night and that could act
5:19 am
passed as the consensus all the official said the rush to prepare for a 20 to 40 minutes of that are traveling through the area the section of track will be closed all day on saturday and sunday. >>reporter: 24 fans were not surprised by the selection.
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>>mark: fusible to skip the summer and the guns of the concerns about the virus that mr. 32 your honor open champ in the first american to withdraw from the times of his income in a statement hisses they plan to have more children in the near future and will be responsible to pull itself and stem the risk is transmitted by mosquitoes and to lead to serious birth defects.
5:22 am
>>mark: in 21 percent of those killed were from california the schools have been taking more out of state student to an order to boost the money coming in test has come under scrutiny after the driver was killed in an accident while using the drive and features howe the c o is responding.
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>>mark: test plans to release details despite this comes as the investigators are looking into a crash that killed a man in florida he was using the autopilot function at the time the crash the system did not detect a trip to travel from the cab and average is 54¢ ruskin we were paying one year ago as usual pay more in the bay area
5:27 am
with little warning from some of the gunmen who ambushed dollars to his officers killing five of them a closer look at his background + 01 about the popular game how to use the use in the game to what people.
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>>reporter: we have some
5:31 am
equipment problems in downtown oakland will solve the issue not to play catch-up will from a may to delay from 10 to 15 minutes of those of general who ride once again the corrected the problem. >>mark: 10: the ambush attacks against police and dollars taxes and then the pollutions and louisiana and minnesota hundreds of people were arrested across the nation over the weekend offensive was a year of the to death of two black men who killed by police the president cut his european trip short and will travel to dallas for a service to more.
5:32 am
>>reporter: prayer vigils of protest as a nation come to terms with the death of two african-american men shot and killed by police and the national police officers in dallas speakers to emphasize the need for collective solutions to amend the outpouring of grief in the week and saw a demonstration in support of racial justice and he says protesters are seeking to improve american society the
5:33 am
man on dallas's a challenge * content possibilities. >>reporter: have not investigated the try to get a better picture of the man responsible for killing five police officers will have a closer look at the government is to bring. >>james: he served six years in the military included a toward afghanistan and was accused of sex harassment his torture his left arm in april of last year returned because home town of dollars this instance, after the shootings and from the journal were described numerous combat tactics they said he had
5:34 am
military like moons and expressed hatred toward white he was upset and white people the system stated he wanted to kill white people to investigators are looking at the family life as well as his parents were divorced and he was can pay into to take care of his brother. >>darya: thyssen bass with the department to transfer tax was called to create a task force in response to the shooting it will take a look how much it will calls from the mayor says he has
5:35 am
got heard of any of this since last week have been nearly kurdish shootings and this is believe the shootings are they related clandestine to demolition that happened in the store or from some of them. >>darya: 24 your anthony stevens was killed in the shooting on 92nd avenue and person is in custody in connection with that warning if you play poker on the plus missouri state forties used again to lure the cost was specific location the new smart phones is of the different locations to collect creatures.
5:36 am
>>mark: teenager wyoming came across the body wall plan than the police department was the first to use a bomb squad robot to kill a suspect.
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talk to a headache specialist today. >>reporter: the have both tracks (heading into in downtown oakland they're reporting delays between 10 and 15 minutes because of equipment problems maturity plan had.
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>>darya: the group marched from the hall of justice and we the cross downtown san francisco on saturday afternoon five of us will kill seven others in june when it opened fire on a peaceful protest in dallas on colors and.
5:45 am
>>robin winston: checking back in on the bridges there is a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza to a lot of advice wasn't san francisco is only out to less when it is not reached the maze clear across the upper deck about 50 minutes to the sky when.
5:46 am
>>reporter: you will start to feel more like july is to get to the middle of the week 60 on vocal 61, the 50th of war and has worked 56 to downtown san
5:47 am
francisco obstacle to half moon bay is africa's - 9 will have 24 hours upon pretty close although to prison had four head for concord and how far have for today will get some nice: for the current slow to them san francisco downtown 65 and the sun is science 74 for san mateo paulo out to 7962 pacifica and about 61 job of the bay to the east of the shoreline.
5:48 am
>>mark: a man into during a series of attacks on homeless men and san diego has died at the burn to death toll to three the 36 to and and it was the rest of these attacks on interest and the 23 year-old man died of his injuries after he was attacked and burned on winston this into of the men were killed in the third was severely injured most of them were sleeping when they were attacked. >>james: the accident happened saturday afternoon in fact have a map showing you what happened is less awful of the american river is the decision the area
5:49 am
immediately the from the victim submerged in a section of heavy wrapped about 45 minutes later she was pronounced dead of dissension and identified a 32 year-old they do know if she was wearing a life jacket at the time. >>mark: and nonprofit is getting ready force annual concert on a life of a teenager who was murdered.
5:50 am
>>gabe slate: to soften them the to the cab very careful with the show's inherent in a store on of anything suspicious is all was recording with cecil's collect and to allow the evidence with
5:51 am
to the accord as income of ordinary and taxes secured a crime deterrent.
5:52 am
>>darya: just five outs away from a no-hitter against the diamondbacks it was broken of during that is ending close-up the can turn his career high 14 strikeouts hot.
5:53 am
>>mark: top of the six markets simeon bricks is back against the base had down the film.
5:54 am
>>darya: tunnel powerful rifle shot where the money more one of the five tisza vs killed and balanced ties to california, after the break the weekend box office results and and and the slight she finally has a competition will bring them the results next.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>robin winston: to burn than to
6:01 am
some talent also out to melbourne howe from the prosperous or a second alternate live on a your cow trying to can this is a minute delay up to 90 minutes because of this incident to still active. >>reporter: we're talking that
6:02 am
temperatures around 73 the coast meanwhile in the lower 60s will see a little warming recognize of my five friends are invested in the fighting broke out in walnut creek this said they did say to the family dog from the fire record lows overnight them look for to man reported missing of the shuttle before christmas the got the report and were missing a 7:00 class 9. >>darya: with the have and the of the details renown.
6:03 am
>>will tran: of them no closer to finding her hand despite having been in jail on the tech and to screen here is a picture of the woman 57 years though her name is of firebrand she is not been seen since june 29th when a co-worker try to cross catamarca and the little better on that night her son got the text from her from some but unless the family gives the $100,000 they will kill her he wanted her apartment he lives in san francisco went to her apartment and the nazi and that is what he called the vallejo police department over the weekend they're arrested these four people here are their names emanuel his 26 years old he was
6:04 am
actually arrested in sacramento jail and larry and leveling. >>darya: hundreds of protesters were arrested across the country over the weekend. >>reporter: this weekend thousand demonstrators took to the streets all across the country.
6:05 am
>>james >>reporter: president obama will have to dollars on to the despicable and immoral service for the five police officers he is just the turmoil once again during his visit this weekend.
6:06 am
>>darya: he led the protest on errors that and to black men were shot and killed by police and louisiana he says the
6:07 am
country is in crisis and changes need to remain in addition to the protest potestas current paint on the front doors of the oakland police department protested a softer tone in san francisco to san francisco and five council organizes rally speakers ranged from past reverence and rabbis and spoke about how the countries to come together the council says it
6:08 am
will have another piece rally on september 11th. >>darya: one of the five officers who was killed and doubtless had ties to california he was a 14 year veteran of the dallas police department he also used to work lost angeles county sheriff's department of 91 to cause to serve as a dispatcher and and the lancaster station is convicts and he moved to dallas to pursue his dream of becoming an officer he is behind a wife who was also plans officer if and two young children do this morning we learned to college class officers who were among those who were injured and the dow shooting police are and
6:09 am
investigating the crash the killed and three your child. >>james: the child's family wicking of devastated this morning the three your boy died after being hit by a truck and some will have a map showing where this happened there stop signs in all directions and we're told the family was crossing the street and a crosswalk when the truck at the child he was taken to hospital where he later died this to the boy was in a stroller with another child the second child to the parents were not hurt in the accident the driver did they epicene and did cooperate with investigators.
6:10 am
i >>darya: this fire is raging is called a state to try and it is noted 50 percent contained no law the threatening the to the advantage of, when in that area yesterday and the fire has burned about 1.7 square miles he said the americans are counsel for the actions of the leaders that will continue to raise a whole war constituency he was killed and many of 2011 at his compound and pakistan. >>mark: you will see big delays
6:11 am
on board this weekend sea was slanted impacted how can affect your committee.
6:12 am
6:13 am
6:14 am
>>robin winston: it cannot release it until it arise in the car out services completely stopped in both directions that
6:15 am
is causing a 90 minute delay for those of you normally take how strong you have a couple of options to wait for the bus branch is the incentive to get to and from the peninsula once again the problem is in downtown oakland and the switching edition there was a five to 10 minute delay for all directions
6:16 am
faugh. >>reporter: here is a live look carcass to to the the the and the west of off of and around all the good and some of the violence of the most part of to this is the most dishonest or here is the missing data for fog we have into the noon hour then already this evening.
6:17 am
if temperatures in the chavis, 4954 " on 58 for haywood 59, on 56 downtown san francisco here is the moment happens to you consider the green's push off the east michelin was on a lot of them in different stores this with them to beg, already in the central london spilling over the hills probably before midnight and then we will see a make more progress, the weekend in a
6:18 am
strange from another and from the gulf of alaska. >>darya: we are here with a look allies and a coin to be effective. >>james: one of the track to the oakland airport connector for bart is one to the coast of maine this week this in the repair should be completed in a couple of tenths they warn it could extend to others if they
6:19 am
don't get all done on time it will still be (the work of the time between each car on to be about 18 minutes.
6:20 am
>>mark: the virus is spread by mosquitoes and the of the spring for them starting at 11 wins and nine to early thursday morning will be out of the area of elliott street and write and have a the universe to receive more from the from the state to allow the school to except more students the system has been trying to set more california student more than 82,000 students applied to uc-berkeley with the upcoming 1617 academic year: 14,000 were accepted. >>darya: them were arrested and
6:21 am
best considerate camping half and they did not track the campfire properly and that sparked a fire broke on saturday and won the 2000 it had to evacuate about 600 a. have burned so far the fire is 0 percent contained renown.
6:22 am
>>darya: a plan to have more children in the near future and i will be irresponsible to put himself and his family and this letter transmitted by mosquitoes and can lead to serious birth defects support offensive they're not surprised.
6:23 am
6:24 am
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americans are buying more and more of everything online. and so many businesses rely on the united states postal service to get it there. that's why we make more ecommerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. the united states postal service. priority: you >>robin winston: no injuries to anyone on the trend to close a
6:26 am
still waiting for the tow truck to clear this car will help both trucks bacchanal, salt, the laser to 90 minutes that this major central be alternate work without trying to set up a bus bridge.
6:27 am
>>mark: this happened was 6:00 friday night just after the and all the radios and use of and in trouble the crash to the field by these two for shipment the called 911 and they rush to help the fishermen got to the plane just as they had reached the surface and that come into the bomb beside the pilot and a
6:28 am
daughter were hospitalized all have minor injuries.
6:29 am
6:30 am
>>reporter: mild to congress when to use a hunt for the middle of the week was a letdown for san francisco makes 6 to by the noon hour consistent reason or had invested 25 cool and breezy and balance temperatures already reaching
6:31 am
60. >>robin winston: it will are near to convict you can head accident in the south and north on one expressway it just went down to less attractive block in is called now that come blossom hill before the crash of the down not so much will still top of this and a couch and the lead another of the coming of.
6:32 am
>>reporter: president to come to terms with the death the two african-american men shot and killed by police and the national police officers and dollars if the memorial host to buy minister to be jake's honored both alton sterling and landau as well as the five police officers who died in texas the mayor of dallas since
6:33 am
is challenging times contend possibilities >>james: he was identified as michael johnson we learned on friday will learn more often he served six years and the military to clean up toward
6:34 am
afghanistan he was accused of sexual life of this will cut short his left arm in april last year and up on backed was home town of balance this to rest his home after the shootings and there they found a drama in which he described in various combat tactics and what talk negotiators the nine of the shooting he expresses hatred toward white people if if investigators are looking at his family life is was there trying to piece together the specific models police believe three
6:35 am
people were involved in the shooting but no one is the arrest and about 10 by the in
6:36 am
the morning of the next day the 24 year-old was killed in the shooting on 92nd avenue and there is one person in custody.
6:37 am
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6:40 am
>>robin winston: where still waiting for a tow truck to a bone should include the car for the trucks the officer was not
6:41 am
breathing and did not have a pulse in meant that the attention of another officer who was able to help the court to also was shot with a letter in a bid to stem the longest the image of discipline and a charge for princeton's. >>mark: a major change is coming to san francisco will table the next of the city is taking to reach the goal of zero waste.
6:42 am
reach the goal of zero waste. ♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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6:44 am
>>darya: several approaches to some other recent conditionings took to the stress of sentences, on saturday the block several to get on and off to a branch they marched from the hall of justice and weaved across downtown san francisco president obama will travel to dallas to deliver remarks at a memorial service.
6:45 am
>>robin winston: as far to come in out of the stuff that not looking to an accident after held parent involvement of motorcyclists. >>robin winston: into downtown san jose and was checking on the rest of the bay area, the backed up at the bay bridge the ride into san francisco no major
6:46 am
problems but the unarmed a gem of back of beyond west ran. >>reporter: systems corp. down
6:47 am
by 10:00 tonight and into the of not i was is what degree does tomorrow morning and the set when of the as much of an issue is accompanied to win 65 downtown san francisco we have the breeze still be a were called in to an 73 sematech upon out to 79 the calls from nicole and to lower to middle sixties
6:48 am
fifth. >>darya:-have that data call about an accident on the river the caller suggests several people had been in and tutors in the wind was section and then realize that one person in the group was missing then searched the area immediately and they found the woman submerged in a section of heavy rockets about 45 minutes after the group held she was gone she was on mount dancing--dead at the scene.
6:49 am
>>mark: police into of the men were killed in the third was severely injured most of them were sleeping when they were attacked in somerset on fire. tel>>james: and like a seville's
6:50 am
plan on june 25th at the unprecedented three flight across the atlantic. >>mark: he did close-up the game turned his career high for strikeouts the tons 14 to nothing and is now in hand today
6:51 am
6:52 am
is the all-star home run derby in san diego. >>mark: 18,000 to 27 the all- time record close its in thousand to 72 will be watching wall street after a very good job that was a hundred thousand dollars more than expected
6:53 am
6:54 am
♪ americans are buying more and more of everything online. and so many businesses rely on the united states postal service
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to get it there. because when you ship with us, your business becomes our business. that's why we make more ecommerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. the united states postal service. priority: you
6:56 am
>>mark: use of lead and diana ross will be back in the bay area performing this week in san francisco to a plan to offer computer and san francisco on to some.
6:57 am
>>darya: right now report to show you how close they are to contend those fires.
6:58 am
6:59 am
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